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Business Voice
Local, Long Distance, T1, Integrated Access, Long Distance, Toll Free and VoIP

Red Cloud Telecom Advisors has successfully completed a range of communications and cost-savings projects for government and educational facilities, healthcare, financial services, insurance, technology, business services, industrial, and retail clients. We work with you and our providers and help choose the solution that best fits your business.

Conferencing (web/audio/video)

Wireless technologies are enabling businesses to become much more mobile and there are a number of services that are being used by businesses to increase employee productivity. Is your business making the most of these tools?

Whether you require voice, data, email, GPS tracking, broadband and provisioning and expense management, Red Cloud can help you identify the right vendor, equipment and features.


Our conferencing solutions make web meetings, webinars, audio conferencing, online training seminars and multi-point video conferencing easier and more productive.

Business Data
Bandwidth, Fiber, Private Line, WAN, Ethernet, MPLS, VPN, Hosted Co-Location & Managed Services

Data communications drive the World Wide Web and Internet services used by billions of people. Data communications systems have also evolved to host a wide range of voice communications. In fact, most modern voice communications systems are now applications (such as VoIP) on modern Internet Protocol networks.

People interact with applications, applications interact with applications, and now machines are interacting with machines, practicing a series of data communications for every possible purpose in today’s economy.

Telecommunications Management consulting from Red Cloud Telecom Advisors offers your company access to our expertise in all forms of global communications. We are able to assist regarding any complex communications issue.

Merchant Services
Retail, Internet, Wireless, Point-of-sale Systems

Whether you need to charge credit cards at your store, through your website or on the road, Red Cloud Telecom Advisors can help you find the right merchant partner and point of sale equipment.

Phone Systems

To make sure that you end up with the most productive telecom system at the best price, Red Cloud Telecom Advisors will provide a comprehensive range of services:

Evaluate your needs, Interview your key people, inventory your existing system, determine opportunities for savings and/or upgrades, produce a detailed RFP for vendors, review vendor proposals, produce a report with recommendations, present the report to management, negotiate vendor contract(s) and supervise installation.


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